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It's merely a semi-manufactured POC. it has not been tested for production.


GirlGene is a Dapp built on EOS which we had developed within limited 24 hours for a hackathon, thus we failed to full implement our amazing ideas.

Given the topic of "IP preservation" and "game ecology", we designed a CryptoKitty-like game focusing on the interaction among character IPs which not only values IPs of ERC721-based games but also provide a communication platform for variant EOS dapps.


  • ERC721 token

We build ERC-721 non-fungible tokens, and generate girl portraits via GAN. Each girl's noise is what we called a girl gene, and this is the IP for a corresponding token which is stored on chain.

  • mall

We provide a mall from which players can pick a favorite girl.

TODO: multiple properties (e.g. hat, glasses etc.) may enrich playability.

  • reproduction

Two girls' genes can be mixed to produce a new gene.

  • integration

TODO: characters from different ERC-721 based games may be integrated to form a new character with both properties.